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I am sick to death of people telling me what to do, how to think and what to believe!!! My drive is to help defeat by way of raising awareness of the weaknesses of many of today’s most popular causes. In my sight are the “elitest” narratives of, enviromentalism, sustainability, political correctness, over legislating , socialism and plain dumb ideas. I will regularly post stories that may interest you and invite comments. Most of all I welcome debate in comments as long as the  content is civil and not just an abusive rant. I will moderate comments fairly and reserve the right to “snip” comments if they break the rules.



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Astronauts are naturally sceptical

Science is in real trouble. As the scientific approach is more and more governed by political and business interests we the public are becoming more sceptical of what we are being told by our scientists. The current “Climate Change” debate is a great example. Governments all around the world are urging action on “carbon emissions” based on contestable science.

Former NASA employees including scientists, astronauts and managers have again published a letter challenging NASA to get back to science based projects rather than some of its employee’s advocacy for the Global warming movement. When some of the world’s leading mathematicians and scientists who have worked at the cutting edge of science suggest this maybe the game is up.

It’s Time for the rent seekers and alarmists to give up. It’s all over. The people have woken up to the scam.

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